• ​Polishing Black Aluminium Profile

    We supply Polishing black Aluminium profile, the cost is relatively low and the operability is strong, and the alumina on the surface of the aluminum profile shell can be effectively removed to achieve the polishing effect, and the original shape of the aluminum profile shell...
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  • Polishing Gold Aluminium Profile

    We supply Polishing gold Aluminium profile ,chemical polishing can be used as a pre-treatment step for protective decorative plating, or as a pre-treatment step for chemical film formation such as phosphating. If the rust-proof passivation solution is immersed before...
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  • Polishing Bronze Aluminium Profile

    We supply Polishing Bronze Aluminium Profile is electrolytic polishing, electropolishing in the use of chemical reaction to electrolytic polishing as the anode, insoluble metal into the cathode is immersed in the electrolytic cell, through the direct current, dissolve the...
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  • ​Polishing Stainless Steel Aluminium Profile

    We supply Polishing Stainless Steel Aluminium Profile, the purity of aluminum and aluminum alloy has a great influence on the quality of chemical polishing. The higher the purity, the better the polishing quality, and vice versa.
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  • ​Polishing Silver White Aluminium Profile

    We supply Polishing Silver White Aluminium Profile, the polishing method has the advantages of simple equipment, no power supply, no constraints on the size of the parts, high speed of throwing and low processing cost.We take person of talent seriously so as to mature our...
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  • Polishing Champagne Aluminium Profile

    Polishing Champagne Aluminium profile characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, acid and alkali salt spray, much better than oxidized pigmented profiles.Operating in more than 100 countries, our products and services are distributed all over the world, meeting national...
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